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Conceptual Design Study for Sterling Rope's Existing Corporate Headquarters

Biddeford, Maine


Baker Company Master Plan, Office Renovations & Manufacturing Addition

Sanford, Maine

 Preliminary Master Plan Study

Preliminary Master Plan Study


TEELE Hair Color Quad Mixing Bowl

Design, Prototypes and Patent Drawings

Digital Model.jpg


GrandyOats Inc.

Hiram, Maine     

New Food Production Facility - Interior Retrofit & Loading Structure Addition

ARCADIA designworks completed research, programming and schematic design drawings for a GrandyOats retrofit of a 10,800 square foot elementary school building built in the 1970's. Design included a new preparation, production and packaging areas, lobby, administration and break rooms, along with a basic floor plan and elevation drawings for a new 2200 sq.ft. loading bay/cold storage addition. 

Images below are from the factory.

Granola on trays waiting to go into the oven.

Arcadia designworks GO_GlutenFreeOvenArea2.jpg

GrandyOats gluten free production area.

Head Honcho Nat Peirce show how syrup is dispensed from large bag bins located behind the wall.

Arcadia designworks grandyoats floor plan.jpg

New floor plan.

arcadia designworks grandyoats